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The Sunday Times 100 Best Companies 2010 – Did Your Employer Place?

Every year I get excited to see who made or didn’t make The Sunday Times 100 Best  Companies. I find myself combing through for commonalities. Are the companies all financial services? Do they offer more vacation time than The Corner Office? Were the employees forced to fill in the forms?

The list highlights true leaders in employee engagement, no matter their industry. This year, the Big Company that came in first was a surprise to me. Drumroll please…. the best company to work for in 2010 was Nando’s. The employees were inspired by their managers and love their jobs. The managers share knowledge and information . Overall, there was an 81% opinion that team members were like family members. Can you say that about your own office environment?

An unsurprising second place was Goldman Sachs. To the average blogger, this isn’t a surprise. You assume that everyone there makes a billion pounds a year and sits around smoking cigars. Not so – their employees give back to the community, staff feel heard by their managers and employees are proud to say where they worked. Inspiring stuff.

I definitely recommend checking the entire list out. For people who don’t feel as positive about their work situation, gain some inspiration that other companies exist. In the age of austerity, it’s nice to know companies are willing to develop workers, pay for extra trainings and really encourage workers to grow. The list includes both private and public sectors so the options for your job search are endless!

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