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Recovering From Embarrassing Work Moments

Recently, I did something very stupid at a work event, witnessed by the majority of my work colleagues. I was left a little bit shamed faced. We have all done something like that – think Christmas party, happy hour or any other event involving a little too much fun. According to a survey commissioned on behalf of Post It Notes, office workers admit to making at least four embarrassing gaffes in an average week. The range from sending an embarrassing email to the wrong person to falling asleep at your desk. Avoiding the negative, is there a way to come back from this? Below I have listed my own methods to overcoming those emabarrasing moments.

1. Acknowledge the event – Getting the “cringe”  is normal. It’s best to acknowledge the event to your manager and be prepared for a little ribbing.

2. Apologise to the people involved – Did anyone come to your rescue and maybe save events from getting worse? They deserve a massive thank you. It’s easy to forget that everyone has a rough patch.

3. Anticipate for the next time – Did something spark your “too much fun” time? Can you make sure that it doesn’t happen again?  If you think ahead or at least plan an exit, you should come out ahead.

I can say with 100% certainty that embarrassing work moments happen to everyone. The key is to recover with grace. Let us know if you have any great tips for saving face or any embarrassing moments you would like to share.

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