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10 Workplace Bad Habits – Which Are You Guilty Of?

The other day I looked at my desk. I realised that my papers were in a disarray, I had six pairs of shoes under my desk and meanwhile my backpack, newspaper from the tube and empty lunch tupperware were littering the floor. Hmmm, I thought to myself, am I guilty of being an annoying office worker? No, they told me. But based on the list we compiled from around The Corner Office – YES, I might be headed down that path.

1. Talking Incessantly – Are you the colleague who gives a running narration on the activities going on in their cubicle. “My computer is slow.” “Excel is so tricky for me.” “I love Percy Pig’s in the afternoon.”

2. Overly Powerful Odours – Do you know the co-worker who smells like the floor of a bar, or has used perfume / cologne to remind the world they exist. Either way be warned – you will smell them before you see them.

3. Eating Stinky Food at Lunch – We took a poll. Canned tuna is not an office friendly food. The same goes for popcorn, burnt toast and mackerel. Try to stick to less fragrant foods.

4. Appropriate Office Attire – Does your shirt have a hole in it? Is your skirt closer to your belt than your knees? It might be time to invest in some new clothes.

5. Tea Breath – PG Tips can pack a punch. Be conscious of bad breathe and keep some mints at your desk.

6. Loud Volumes – The entire office does not need to hear every phone conversation you have. Either head into a private room for an afternoon of making calls or practice volume control.

7. Your Desk Might Become Your Closet – Guilty as charged. Keeping numerous pairs of shoes and back up outfits is such a good idea. Just make sure that it’s out of the site of the boss and not busting out into the communal walking areas.

8. Your Office is Your Personal Mailbox – Does the DHL guy know you by first name? Do you get all your online orders sent to the office? While much more convenient, just make sure you thank whomever has to sign for all your packages!

9. Sharing Personal Details – Oversharing allows others to make judgement calls on you. Share your wild weekend stories and be prepared to expect a conversation on overconsumption before the next office outing.

10. Leaving Your Food in the Refrigerator – That was so smart of you to start brining your brewed coffee in from home. You saved £10 this week. But now your milk has gone off and the stench is an constant reminder of your savings plan. 

If you know or possess any other annoying workplace habits, we would love to hear about them!

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  1. Bored at Work | Mar 10, 2011 | Reply

    I’m 100% guilty of 1, 3 (Popcorn & Americans are like peas to a Pod), 6, 7…

  2. 9to5er | Mar 10, 2011 | Reply

    so so funny! guilty of all of the above

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