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Are You Bored at Work?

I know that feeling. You realise your list of things to do gets shorter and fewer and fewer projects come your way. Each day feels like it lasts forever. Yes, you, my friend, are bored at work! According to ThomasNews, boredom is usually a passing phase. Work picks back up, another large project is given to you. But long term, boredom is an efficiency killer.

People who are bored are usually more disgruntled employees, rather than overworked. Boredom lets your mind wander onto other activities rather than being focused on the job at hand. People who are bored at work don’t feel like they are adding value. Boredom (which falls under workplace stress) costs the British economy £24 million pounds and 14 million lost work days, according to the Telegraph. 

So how do we combat this? You need to identify the problem of why you are bored. Is it because you haven’t found something that inspires you or is there really not enough work to you. Tell your boss you are ready to take on more responsiblity. Find parts of the business that are swapped and volunteer your time. Try to find thing outside of work that interest you. It might also be time to look for a new role. Either way, get out of the rut!

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