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73% of Women Still Believe There is a Glass Ceiling

A recent study was done by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM), said that 73% of female respondents felt barriers still existed for women seeking senior management and board-level positions in the UK. In contrast, just 38% of men believed there is a glass ceiling.

Of course the men don’t think the glass ceiling exists. They don’t usually bear the brunt of the consequences of multi- tasking.  According to the article published by the Guardian, more women are interested in being their own bosses and have a great entrepenurial spirit. More women than men like the idea of working flexible hours. I don’t blame them. Just because you have a job doesn’t mean that working 9 to 5 is the best fit for you.

Norway has fought back against the glass ceiling on a large scale. In 2003, they put a law in place that 40% of all board member had to be women. Sweden hasn’t mandated a law but has given tax breaks and social programs to encourage women to return to work. I think Sweden might have the solution. Will you hold business and entreprenuership back by making rules and laws defining organisational structure? I do think businesses need to get with the times and move towards more flexible situations. This would not only benefit but encourage everyone. When you work in a place where “disciplined freedom” occurs, you take responsiblity for your own actions. Responsiblity empowers people. Empowered people feel more engaged. Engagement is the best way to make better employees.

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