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Green Jobs Are in Demand and Pay Well

Green JobsIn a recent CareerBuilder survey, UK employers reported the need for workers to fill what they consider emerging positions within their organisations. Green jobs, or environmentally-focused positions, were cited most often in terms of new opportunities.

The results of this year’s Carbon Salary Survey provide insight into the individuals employed in this expanding marketplace, from the types of organisations they work for, to their job functions, salaries and career backgrounds.

The global survey, conducted by sustainability recruitment specialists Acre Resources and corporate responsibility consultancy Acona, indicates a thriving and growing sector that outpaces the rest of the job market.

The key findings from the survey for Green jobs in the UK:

  • The overall average UK salary is at £50,622, an increase of over £2,486 on last year’s results. In contrast, the rest of the job market saw a below inflation average salary increase of just 2.1% (source: The Office for National Statistics).
  • Job satisfaction levels have also risen in the UK by 3%, with 71% of participants saying they were ‘satisfied’ with their jobs.
  • The percentage of participants who felt ‘more secure’ increased by up to 10% compared to the same figures for last year’s survey.

The results also indicated a positive outlook for workers around the world in regard to salary, job security and job satisfaction. The global average salary also rose to £49,219, an increase of over £1,245 on last year’s results.

“This year’s Carbon Salary Survey points to a worldwide market that remains encouragingly resolute in the face of difficult economic circumstances. Continuing from last year’s survey there is definite proof that the mainstream economy is ‘greening’ as the sector continues with its positive growth,” said Andy Cartland, Managing Director, Acre Resources –

Other UK statistics from the survey:

• 32% of global respondents were based in the UK (up 4% on 2009)

• Average UK bonus overall was £10,901, down in 44% in comparison to 2009 (from £19,609)

• Increased focus on solar in the UK with regard to job function (moving from position 5 to 2 in top job functions)

• 33% of UK respondents were women

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  1. Zoe Bremer | Nov 24, 2011 | Reply

    This is all very well but until we get the farming community to take note, we will still have a great deal to fight.

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