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Archive for February, 2011

The Most Unusual CV Mistakes »

To impress a potential employer with your CV, you usually have just a few seconds. According to a survey of 194 UK employers, nearly one-third (32 per cent) said they spend one minute or less reviewing a CV. Fourteen per cent even spend only 30 seconds or less.  The study reveals what employers said […]

How to get through a long-term job hunt »

When getting laid off or quitting a job, most of us immediately start a fast-paced job hunt. Even those who are fortunate enough to have savings to live off of for a while don’t have enough money to pretend that unemployment is a vacation. Instead, most jobs seekers attack their job searches aggressively until they […]

Job Prospects for New Graduates in 2011 »

The young generation was one of the groups hardest hit by the recession. End of last year, graduate unemployment reached its highest level since 1995, according to the Office for National Statistics. But there are good signs. In the winter edition of their bi-annual survey the Association of Graduate Recruiters (AGR) mentions an upward trend […]

73% of Women Still Believe There is a Glass Ceiling »

Does a glass ceiling exist? Would clear legal definitions help or would it be better to create a corporate culture where everyone wins?

Using Twitter and Facebook for Your Job Search? 8 Tips »

A high proportion of all available jobs are never advertised. So if you’d like to increase your chances of being found, take a closer look at your social network online profiles. Here are a few tips.

Green Jobs Are in Demand and Pay Well »

Green jobs are on the rise. The results of this year’s Carbon Salary Survey provide insight into the individuals employed in this expanding marketplace. Maybe an option also for you?

Making the Best of a Job You Hate »

Tips to making the most of a job you hate.

Jobs in London – Rare As A Double Rainbow? »

So you want a job in London but your friends keep reminding you that there is a crisis in the capital. Before you resign yourself to another year slogging away, here are five companies hiring today in London. Go ahead, take a look at our top 3 companies for Jobs in London for this week.

Happy Valentine’s Day – Be My Office Valentine! »

Working Girl shares some stats about office romance. It’s more popular than you think.

Youth Unemployment – A Bleak Outlook »

Unemployment between people 16 – 24 years old was at an all-time high of 19.1%. Sad considering that this only adds to the bleak economic outlook of the days. We wonder, how is this cycle going to change?