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UK’s least popular jobs revealed

Being a refuse collector or traffic warden has topped a new poll of the jobs people least aspire to have. The study, conducted by distance learning provider Home Learning College, found these two vocations to be equally unpopular, securing 16% of the vote each.

Following closely in the unpopularity stakes is the position of call centre operator, with 12% picking this as their least desired job. The responsibility of running the country was also shunned, with 11% highlighting the role of politician as their least preferred occupation.

The fifth profession to feature on the list of most unpopular jobs is the police force, with 8% of the vote.

“The roles on this list are fairly diverse. However, they are all characterised by a perception of unfavourable working conditions or by a reputation for attracting high levels of negativity from the general public,” says Dave Snow, Academic Director at Home Learning College. “Of course, the reality of these professions can be very different, with numerous people forging satisfying careers in all of these sectors.

“If you are trapped in an unfulfilling role then it’s never too late to alter your fortunes. The key to making a successful career change lies in conducting an honest appraisal of your abilities, ensuring you have the required skills and experience to achieve your goals and making sure potential employers are aware of your value. If your CV is looking a bit thin on the ground then gaining a targeted professional qualification is one of the best ways to prove your worth and get the recognition you deserve.”

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