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Archive for September, 2007

Answering Six Common Interview Questions »

While you’ll never be able to anticipate every question you might be asked in an interview, you can get a head start by developing strong, concise answers to commonly used questions. Most interviewers will ask similar questions like these to gain knowledge about a candidate’s abilities and qualifications and compatibility with the job and the […]

10 Crucial Questions to Ask in the Interview »

You’ve sailed through the interview. You breathe a huge sigh of relief. And then comes the killer bite, “Do you have any questions?” This could make all the difference between being a job seeker and a job getter. Ask, ask, ask One survey of over 150 recruitment managers found that the most unforgivable behaviour exhibited […]

Why You’re Always Cold (or Hot) at Work » Is your office too cold, too hot or just right? As you grab your favourite fleece — again — and curse management for banning additional heaters, the answer might be easy … until you look around. As your teeth chatter uncontrollably, the person sitting right next to you is typing away, comfortable as can […]